Introduction to the Jordans

We are a family of four and one of us has autism.

Our ultimate goal is acceptance and advocacy.

D is three and was diagnosed with moderate ASD (Autsim Spectrum Disorder) about a year ago.  There was a grieving process:  rationalizing, anger, crying, justifying, and denial.  The truth is I struggled with it since he was five months old because I knew then.  He would flap his hands when other babies clapped and he did not smile as much as other little ones his age.  When his daycare expressed concern I was crushed.  D would play in a corner all by himself the entire time he was there lining up the exact same toys he would gather every day.  He made no effort to socialize with his peers or his caregivers.  We (parents) had a long, difficult conversation after his pediatrician recommended we see a diagnostician, Dr. Mike Rios.

It has been a whirlwind and not always in a good way.  His vocabulary is at about 50 words, way less than the average three year old.  We are constantly guessing what he wants, needs or is trying to say.  Verbs are especially hard.  Sign language has helped some but there’s no real substitute for “Momma” which he still does not say independently.  D has so many strengths though.  His eyes are expressive when typically kids on the spectrum have poor eye contact.  You can feel his joy and bubbly personality when he locks eyes with you.  He is randomly sweet and caring toward Baby A, his sister.  They may not seem like strengths, but when you’re in this world they are.

I say all this to say thank you for taking the time to visit us.  We hope to share our journey and inspire.

The Jordans

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