Balancing Act

How does everyone do it?

I feel I always see moms have it all together, all the time. Not one hair out of place on their heads or their children, not even the need to raise their voice above a whisper. Meanwhile, I’m the banshee chasing both my kids everywhere.

I don’t wear makeup, I can’t figure out how to apply it without looking like I gave myself a black eye — so I wash and go, but still and yet I manage to look completely disheveled or mid-frenzy.  In short, sub-par to the other moms I encounter.

D has a classmate who’s mom always has a perfectly made up face and hairstyle to match. I keep my awe to myself for fear of coming off as inappropriate, but seriously how does she even get out of the house? My stress levels rise to the red zone when we take more than 20 minutes to leave the house. (Basically every day.)

This isn’t exclusive to me either. Today I walked into my house to find both my kids covered in red marker. I haven’t found the original red Sharpie they used but I suspect they managed to use up all the ink so I’m not that worried about it.

Our house is usually in a phase of disarray but it’s not for lack of trying. We are in the process of hiring, dare I say, a maid. We both work full time on opposite schedules and barely high five in the mornings when we see each other.

In recent months I’ve been promoted and that comes with added responsibilities, which translates to more time at the office.  What is interesting to me is I took the job because I thought it would help better provide for my children, the downside is I see them less.  What was the actual gain here?  Is it worth it?

My hope is to give my children the best childhood I can while also teaching them important values and morals.  For example, how do you teach the importance of financial stability without promoting greed?  Parenting is probably the hardest human trial we willingly enter.

5 Comments on “Balancing Act

  1. Sounds like our house and I don’t even work outside the home! Black marker is my kids favourite “look mummy I’m a tiger” while Oliver drew a moustache, glasses and his ribs on himself. No make up, lucky if hair gets brushed, spend days going from room to room tidying up while they follow me emptying toy boxes.
    I count it a victory if we are at school on time.
    But then I don’t have high expectations 😂
    You’ll do great 👍

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