It’s Not Personal

I work for a government contractor in a building with no windows.  It took some getting used to at first but I have resorted to getting my daily dose of Vitamin D on the walk to my car.  It’s a good job though, I can’t complain.

About a year ago my manager approached me and asked if I wanted to be a supervisor.  She wanted to do an “in-house” promotion but was told by her supervision that she would have to post a job opening internal to the company.  When the time came, I submitted my resumé and was called back for an interview.  Half of our team interviewed for the same position.  A month later we still hadn’t heard anything from HR.

While we were waiting, people started to talk.  In particular, one person was going around saying that if I got the job he would never work for me.  I’m not sure where this stemmed from, I hadn’t had any interaction with this person outside of a professional conversation in the years I worked there.  By the time this got back to me I had received and signed my offer letter.

He was visibly furious after my manager made the announcement at our team meeting the following Monday.  This person is not very well liked in the team so when he began saying that he was doing us a favor by staying, my manager heard about it fairly quickly.  The icing on the cake was she made me his direct supervisor.  I kept it professional but I knew he would try to retaliate at some point.

After the new year there was a clear shift in his attitude.  It was reflecting on his monthly metrics.  Out of 155 hours of production we are required to maintain month to month, he clocked in six.  One digit.  He did better the following two months but once again he fell down to thirty hours.  What really put him under the spotlight were his timekeeping violations.

He has repeatedly ignored my emails for status updates on work we have a hard deadline on and constantly trying to undermine me.  This week he did not show up to work on time and I sent him a text asking him if he would be in.  He replied that his meeting with the “drafter” for his new house ran long and that he would be in.  After months of trying to work with him, my manager decided to have a sit down with him to discuss his behavior.

I hope it has gotten through to him that he is not as indispensable as he thinks he is.  Then again, his actions have put him in his current situation.  My point:  this person is about to lose their job and for what?  Because he doesn’t agree with a decision someone else made?  His blatant disdain for me?  I have no issues with my other subordinates, I am as professional with them as I am with everyone else.  It’s not personal, it’s just business.

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