The New and Improved

We had to part ways with our nanny/sitter last month.  If I ever get the time to explain the reasons why, I’ll write the book.  She was a very sweet girl but completely lacking in self-motivation and a basic understanding of how to care for children.

We have someone new caring for them, let’s call her L.  I was worried about how she’d manage at first – D is rough with everyone and she has a very petite frame.  It turns out she has 2 nephews on the spectrum and experience watching both of them.  Much to my initial surprise, D and Baby A LOVE her.  To the point where D would much rather hold her hand when we are on outings and in fact seeks out L’s hand.

I.  Am.  Elated.

She loves our kids so much and it shows in how she cares for them.  I came home one day and Baby A was singing Patty Cake complete with the hand gestures.  How is it that some people can care for other children as if they were their own but others can barely seem to keep them alive?

I came home last month and the previous sitter told me not to take off my shoes because D had thrown a glass bowl and it shattered in the dining room.  As she’s saying this, I see both D and Baby A run past her into the dining room ::get this:: without any shoes on their feet.  I was beyond pissed upset.  There were shards of glass EVERYWHERE -dining room, living room, kitchen.

The next day I came home and my house looked like a hurricane went through it, she was sitting at my dining room table on her laptop, on my WiFi.  Eventually, D sprayed bleach into his eyes.  Thinking back on it, I’m surprised she lasted that long. I wouldn’t hire her to care for a cat.  Disclaimer: Not a cat fan.

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