Dear Daughter

To my youngest child,

My sincerest hope for you is that we can have a happy and healthy mother/daughter relationship. Of course I also pray for the best and brightest future for your happy self. You are a remarkable little human at two, full of life and potential.

I still remember the sleepless nights we spent together in the early days, every inch of you screaming that something wasn’t right. The week we spent in the NICU when you barely weighed 7 lbs is still fresh in my head. We brought you home again and I watched you thrive. Physically, you are small for your age, always below the 30th percentile of your peers – but you are years ahead in astuteness.

Your refusal to nap stems from a need to express yourself through a mashup of Patty Cake/Shake It Off/Happy Birthday/Let It Go/Old MacDonald, complete with dance moves. We can’t get enough of your creativity even if it means no more quiet time for us. The pure little spirit you embody is enormous and it reminds me of a simpler time. I hope you remember how much you make me smile.

It’s not always but you can be the sweetest little girl. You comfort your big brother when he’s having a difficult time, rubbing his back and telling him it’s ok. Sometimes you even give us random kisses and tell us you love us. I’m not sure where you get this from and I’m not complaining.

Every day I come home from work I hear, “Mommy!” You bring me a book so we can read it together before I can set my things down. Your favorites are: ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’, ‘Elmo Says’, ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, anything with Llama Llama and everything by Dr. Seuss. I hope you always remember you’re a smart young lady.

You’ve taught me to appreciate the clouds and the rain, to listen to the birds and the crickets again. You’ve reminded me to observe and learn like you do, because a zebra looks so much like a horse and there’s a difference between a chick and a duck.

We have so many adventures ahead of us.



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