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Often times we may wish that we could go back in time and give our former selves advice and words of wisdom. If you could go back in time, what would advice or encouragement would you give to yourself?

Dear 15 year old me,

1. Don’t be hard on yourself because …

being you is hard enough.  You don’t look like any of the other girls in school and that’s okay.  You weren’t meant to.  You’re not fat.  Your parents may pressure you into crash dieting and still expect perfect grades but you will leave their nest in two years, stay strong until then and beyond.  Don’t be so hard on yourself because it all works out in the end.

2. The relationship you’re in ….

is a farce and temporary.  There is so much more than being in a relationship and you can do so much better.  You’re just a kid still, give yourself time to get to know and love you first.  Honestly, you’re not old enough to be in a relationship yet.  Your brain isn’t fully developed, no offense, it’s just not.

3. You will get through this because …

because life has a way of testing you before your next endeavor. One day you’ll be a mom yourself and you will be able to appreciate the one you have. God gives you the strength and blessing to open your eyes in the morning, be grateful. You have a big heart and you haven’t learned how to live for yourself yet but it will come. People are in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime, learn to give them their place.

4. Don’t get caught up in thinking …

you’re not enough. You may have weaknesses but your strengths far outweigh them. Believe in yourself more, you’re absolutely worth it. Don’t be afraid of failure – it happens, no one is perfect.


5. These experiences will help you learn …

more about yourself. You still have a ways to go before you’re a fully functioning adult. Your parents may not always make you feel important or even loved, but one day you’ll be a mom to two little people who think you hung the moon.

2 Comments on “Dear 15 Year Old Me Tag

  1. Absolutely loved this! Thank you so much for participating! I especially loved the last one … ‘who think you hung the moon.’ Indeed. 😊💕 Hope you’re doing well dear friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Ana! Life has been keeping me more than busy these last couple of months. Slowly trying to get back into the groove. Hope you are well!



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