Jingle Bells

It was D’s last week of school until the new year.  I attended his Christmas party and I have to say, the kid has been holding out on me.  Let me explain.

We walked into his classroom and he took off his coat, hat and backpack.  Took out his binder and set it in the appropriate cubby.  Then placed all of his items in his personal cubby.  He sat down in his assigned seat and started beading a necklace with the supplies that were already set out.  Level of impressed:  20

He noticed his name spelled out on the table in front of him and pointed to each letter, said each letter and then said his name.  Um, okay.  I had no idea he was recognizing letters until then.  Level of impressed: 35

In the small pile of supplies was a bell, intended for the middle of the necklace he was beading.  It was a small bell, the kind you see on Christmas wreaths and so forth.  I picked it up and said, “bell, what sound does a bell make?”  I shook it a couple of times and D smiled at me as if to say, “why do you ask me easy stuff?”  He started singing Jingle Bells because I needed a heart attack the week before Christmas.  (Now I admit, I’m using the word sing loosely here.  He was carrying a tune and could clearly say “jingle bells” but was humming the rest.)  I was slack jawed until he finished.  Level of impressed: dead

I still can’t get him to tell me when he needs to use the restroom so I guess I should work on a song for that.

Here lately, he’s been showing off his growing vocabulary.  This morning he brought me the PECS card for slide, said the word and then said, “weeeeee!”  So I’m fully expecting him to be doing Calculus at his next Christmas party.

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