Toy Story 3

The last museum I took the kids to was the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. We started in the kids museum in the Lower Level and worked our way up to the dinosaur exhibit on the fourth floor. I’m still trying to expose the kids to a slew of activities to see what best piques their interest. Dinosaurs are a proven universal favorite.

D and Baby A each have their own way of saying dinosaur.

D: dine-sah

Baby A: dinah-saw

We passed the Apatosaurus and T-Rex fossils, gazed up at the Pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling and came across 3 different types of Triceratops skulls. Baby A was the first to shout her version of dinosaur. I said, “this dinosaur is a Tri-cera-tops.” Tai-taya-top! Way closer than I was expecting for a two and a half year old. That was before Christmas.

Fast forward to tonight, Baby A and I are sitting on the couch watching Toy Story 3. When Bonnie sat Woody down to have a tea party with her hedgehog, unicorn and dinosaur Baby A blurted, “chai-taya-top!” My reflex was to swing my head and look at her before I could respond.

I know kids are supposed to be sponges but I’m starting to think this one is a ShamWow.

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