It’s not a secret that my parents are divorcing and the chain of events following the announcement are starting to snowball.  Last Friday, my dad came to live with us and to be completely honest:  I feel like I won the lottery.  As happy as I am that my dad is here, I still worry about the loose ends.

My parents’ divorce won’t be finalized until next week and I have a feeling my mom will fight to make it as difficult as possible.  My dad just wants to sell the house and everything in it; start all over.  I can sense defeat in his walk, he’s tired of the drama.  However, he has managed to find joy through the underlying sadness in the kids.

He’s only been here a couple of days but D and Baby A act as if he’s been in their lives since they were born.  They gravitate to him:  pulling him to play, asking for him when he’s not within their immediate view and they listen to him.  Y’all – I cannot express how amazing that is.

In preparation for his arrival we’ve been house-hunting for the last several weeks.  He needs his own space and we’ll be moving in the middle of next month.  This should be an exciting time but I’m overcome with dread occasionally.  I know he’s burning through his 401k – my mom wants half.

Half.  He has worked 43 years of his life, paid her bills when she was unemployed, paid for vacations, paid for her plastic surgery and she wants half.  Yes – I’m pissed.  It’s not even about the 401k, it’s because my mom is trying to “outwit” me but really all she’s doing is insulting my intelligence and making a fool of herself.

“How much is an apartment down there?  How about a townhouse?  Are those expensive?”  Mind you, my mom doesn’t even like coming to visit.  Am I really supposed to believe she’s asking out of mere curiosity?  Who knows at this point.

I’m going to try and focus my energy on our home and making the best of the time I have left with my dad.

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