Summer 2019 came and went and took the “hiatus” I was on with it. A couple of updates: Baby A is now three (so I can’t call her Baby A anymore), I got a promotion at work, we bought and moved into a new home – all while juggling swim classes for D and dance classes for A. I’m still tired y’all.

This is D’s official year of pre-K. I’m proud of his progress so far but I’m anxious about him going to school all day. Mostly because he still has trouble verbally addressing his needs. At home, he’s potty-trained, he will stop what he’s doing and bolt to the nearest restroom but it’s not that easy at school. He’s great at asking for what he wants – not his basic needs.

The first day of school was interesting also. Until now, I’ve always seen D be very social and at a minimum smile at all of the teachers and therapists at school. This year he hid behind me bashfully, peaking at them from the back of my shirt. I feel like this is typical behavior? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

It’s been an interesting summer for A also. She’s maturing at an exponential rate. It’s amazing how much she picks up from me, particularly my vernacular. Again, I feel like this is typical behavior, and I’m really hoping she grows out of it.

I look forward to catching up on the summer posts I missed. I hope everyone had a great one!

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