Jersey Mike’s Subs

It was late last Sunday and we couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner. We went to Half-Priced Books to see if any of the cookbooks inspired our appetite – no luck. We ended up at Jersey Mike’s Subs. It was only my dad, A and myself.

When we walked in, A was her usual chatty self and greeted the lady behind the counter. The lady told her she was cute and A said, “I like your hair!” That was the first time I heard my daughter compliment a stranger. I was also pleasantly surprised that she was able to recognize that it was different than her hairstyle. The lady was wearing box braids with embedded purple streaks.

I guess this is important to me because I want A to understand that we are all different and we should be celebrated for the reasons we’re not alike. She’s only three so she only knows D and accepts him exactly how he is. One day she’ll ask about her brother and we’ll get to have the conversation about differences not always being tangible. I look forward to it, but for now I’ll settle for her admiring box braids.

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