“I take a picture”

D either loves staying at home all the time, or he’s going stir crazy enough that his brain is forcing him to talk. For the last few weeks I’ve noticed he’s been taking pictures of random things with his iPad. Most of the pictures are of the TV on his favorite shows – although, he has several pictures of My 600 Lb Life (I haven’t figured that one out yet), a couple of me and Papa, maybe one or two of A.

I logged off from my job for the day and cuddled up with A on the couch. Jumanji was on. D’s intense interest of animals quickly drew him in, he started naming them all and eventually he settled down enough to grab his iPad to take pictures. Out of force of habit I asked him what he was doing, not expecting any acknowledgement.

“I take a picture.”

“… you what?”

“I take a picture.”

He didn’t even look up from scrolling through his latest photos. The nerve of this kid. It took me three years to get him to call me “mommy” but he takes some pictures and all of the sudden he talking? In full sentences?!

Of course I’m extremely proud of his progress. However, I’m worried the next time the two sides of his brain make a major synapse it’s going to give me a heart attack.

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