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“I take a picture”

D either loves staying at home all the time, or he’s going stir crazy enough that his brain is forcing him to talk. For the last few weeks I’ve noticed he’s been taking pictures of random things with his iPad. Most of the pictures… Continue Reading ““I take a picture””

ABA Therapy? Is that you?

I may not have been as vocal about the fight to get D ABA therapy lately but it’s still been an uphill battle.  The new insurance has been somewhat cooperative and they’re acting like they’re going to pay for full-time ABA but I’m not… Continue Reading “ABA Therapy? Is that you?”


I am somewhat of a germaphobe. One of my least favorite things to do is wash chicken. It is for this reason that there is always a box of latex gloves on my kitchen counter. Recently, my kids have taken ownership of them and… Continue Reading “Balloon”

Fire Drill

Some days working full-time can be more stressful after you get home. Shortly after returning to school post-Christmas break D had a fire drill. I came home after picking up A at daycare and my dad was in a somber mood, unusual for him.… Continue Reading “Fire Drill”

“He’ll Go When He’s Ready”

I can’t begin to tell you how much I disliked that phrase when D was four. It felt like a cop out. There wasn’t enough wording to make me understand my son just wasn’t ready to potty-train. And then he was. Out of the… Continue Reading ““He’ll Go When He’s Ready””

Jersey Mike’s Subs

It was late last Sunday and we couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner. We went to Half-Priced Books to see if any of the cookbooks inspired our appetite – no luck. We ended up at Jersey Mike’s Subs. It was only my dad,… Continue Reading “Jersey Mike’s Subs”


Story time y’all! Every so often I have a Friday off from work and pick up D from school.  This particular Friday he got his progress note or report card.  I skimmed through it at a red light and was so proud of D’s… Continue Reading “Chick-Fil-A”

Daycare Drama Queen

Baby A has been going to daycare for a month now, it is the same daycare she went to as an infant and D before her.  Yesterday, I walked by the front office on my way to pick up Baby A from her class… Continue Reading “Daycare Drama Queen”


I’m enrolling D in swimming lessons again this summer and I can’t wait.  His gross motor skills have improved since last year and I have read articles in the past about how swimming promotes and improves cognitive and speech abilities in kids on the… Continue Reading “Swimming”

Toy Story 3

The last museum I took the kids to was the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. We started in the kids museum in the Lower Level and worked our way up to the dinosaur exhibit on the fourth floor. I’m still trying… Continue Reading “Toy Story 3”