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Jingle Bells

It was D’s last week of school until the new year.  I attended his Christmas party and I have to say, the kid has been holding out on me.  Let me explain. We walked into his classroom and he took off his coat, hat… Continue Reading “Jingle Bells”

Back to School

It’s the beginning of the second full week of school and yesterday was the second bad day D has had this year.  The first one was Monday.  I am slowly learning a lesson here: everyone has bad days, even my 3 year old son.… Continue Reading “Back to School”

ARD Meeting

Last Monday was rough. I had D’s ARD meeting, if I remember correctly it stands for Annual Review/Dismissal. There is something about these meetings that raises my anxiety but I haven’t quite figured out what that is yet. I still have mixed emotions about… Continue Reading “ARD Meeting”

Raising Our Biracial Kids in Suburbia

I grew up in a relatively rough neighborhood.  I realized quickly that I didn’t want to raise a family in that same environment. After six years in the Air Force I decided I would move to Texas to finish college.  Eventually, I got a… Continue Reading “Raising Our Biracial Kids in Suburbia”