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Home Improvement

I have a question for my fellow home dwellers: how do you go about refurbishing your home? Where do you know which room to start in? I feel completely overwhelmed just asking the internet. We have a drawer beside our sink that is gorilla… Continue Reading “Home Improvement”

When Other Moms Are Rude

About a year ago I was at the park with D.  Summer in Texas can be brutal so we like to play as early in the day as we can or early evenings.  I remember it was a Sunday morning because it was our… Continue Reading “When Other Moms Are Rude”

Raising Our Biracial Kids in Suburbia

I grew up in a relatively rough neighborhood.  I realized quickly that I didn’t want to raise a family in that same environment. After six years in the Air Force I decided I would move to Texas to finish college.  Eventually, I got a… Continue Reading “Raising Our Biracial Kids in Suburbia”